i never know what to say here..

im lauren.
im twenty.
i live in toronto.
i dont like people.
i dont like tv.
i dont really read.
i dont really do anything...

i dont really use this anymore either...

Library work is hard work.  (at Alderwood Library)

The original painted ladies: Vintage photographs reveal incredible head-to-toe tattoos on women in the Twenties, Thirties and Forties

Electric Light Orchestra — Out of the Blue (1977)

Milla Jonovich

Teapot. 1770 (made), 1850 (decorated), Worcester, England. Porcelain, enamel and gild.
This teapot was made at the Worcester porcelain factory in about 1770 but the decoration is likely to be much later, and probably dates to about 1850. The period from 1765 to 1776 is associated the use of blue grounds at Worcester and the stripes of royal blue colour on this teapot are in keeping with late eighteenth-century taste. However, Worcester wares do not usually bear both an underglaze blue factory mark, as is evident on the base of this teapot, and overglaze blue painting, as is evident in the decoration (usually an underglaze blue mark was only used for patterns which included underglaze blue in their decoration). This suggests that the teapot was probably painted outside the factory and the thickly applied gilding suggests a much later date than the manufacture of the teapot.
Source: V&A Museum